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Train for Sit-Stay Success with our Level 10 Challenge

So, you've got a dog that sits and stays BUT does it work in the real world where there are distractions? Take our challenge to find out...


What's the value of adding challenges to your training?

Whether you want your pet to sit at the curb while you wait for a gap in traffic, an agility dog to remain at the start line so you can get into position or a gundog on peg to wait for the drive to end, it’s important they don’t get up until given their released cue. Sitting and staying no matter what’s going on until released is an important life skill. Adding distractions in progressive layers challenges our dogs so that we can train and test this skill.

How to take the challenge:

📖 To help those of you

taking part, for the first time ever I'm giving away a 3 Day Free Trial of 3 sections from inside our Online Place Board Training Course that will give you more details and tips. So, go ahead & enrol.

💾 Secondly… save or screenshot the PDF file that outlines the 10 levels of the steadiness challenge to take with you when you go out training.


📷🎥 Take a photo or video the results and post them on Instagram and/or Facebook including the hashtag #level10challenge and the level you achieved in the challenge and tag us Anglian Dog Works

Good Luck! Can't wait to see your results ❤️🐾