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Just like Misty:

We had a lovely little black spaniel join our agility classes who was VERY speedy; without a steady start line sit-stay, her handler was struggling to get in position down the course and gain a valuable head start!

Because Misty was rewarded after the runs and as with many busy breeds the sheer fun of the activity was intrinsically rewarding itself, she was creeping forward in anticipation of all the good stuff that happened after she'd run, rather than staying steady.

Following The T.A.R.G.E.T method absolutely transformed this and her training success. The first module, T - Teach shows you how to encourage your dog onto the Place Board and into a sit, and remain sitting until they heat us say "OK" as a release cue.

Next, through repetition of the string of rewards arriving whilst sitting on the board, you can create an Association (A) in your dog’s mind that the Place Board is a hotspot for all things good! 

Because your dog feels positive about being in the board, they are more likely to sit and stay on the platform than move.